Bhanuteja N:

The MBA admission process with August Academy was a great learning experience, both professionally and personally. When I started the admission process, I did not have too much idea of how to go about the b school application. Karthik was very patient and helped me think through the entire process. His clarity in thought complemented my personality. Karthik is a great motivator. During the application process, he pushed me to complete all my applications well before the deadline. He helped me to mould all my essays according to the requirements of the applications. Karthik was available at all times during the application process. Irrespective of his busy schedule, Karthik put his students` ambitions as top priority. During the interview stages, Karthik`s interview tips were very insightful. The thorough preparation and mock interviews helped me to crack my MBA admission interviews. Karthik went out of his way to ensure that my goals were accomplished.

Vinesh S:

August Academy is a very professional organization, they treat each student with at most care and they proceed according to their performance. Mr. Karthik founder of August Academy is a brilliant teacher. I`m delighted with the level of education and service offered by him. He is always very polite and helpful and has dealt efficiently with any concerns or doubts we have.They help to produce the best in us and they make sure we come out flourishing. Thanks to August Academy for shaping me and helping me to get into UC Berkeley.

Vikas T:

I worked with Karthik, August Academy on 6 applications out of which I got 5 interviews. I had tried R1 applications on my own and did not get a single interview. When I reached out to Karthik (the deadlines for R2 were very close), I was looking for a consultant who would help me prepare the applications quickly and effectively. While I contacted many consultants, Karthik stood out for his intelligence, his understanding of my situation and his knowledge of the application process. As I worked with him I got even more convinced that I made the right choice. Karthik helped me formulate a compelling story for my MBA Application, which was more successful than both of us expected. Even during the interview stage, about which I was apprehensive, Karthik provided great insights that helped me engage my interviewers with more confidence. Overall I would definitely recommend Karthik for prospective MBA candidates, he will provide the guidance required to prepare a well-rounded application to increase your chances of success.

Aiyappa M:

Had an excellent time working with August Academy to improve my GMAT score. Karthik, my tutor, was extremely patient and carefully walked me through my pain points and improvement areas. He also showed a great degree of care and concern to my success which I believe are important attributes to be expected of a tutor. I managed to improve my overall score thanks to his help, coaching, guidance and constant motivation. If you are looking for GMAT coaching centres. I definitely recommend August Academy.

Vishnu V:

I recently completed a course for my GMAT prep. I was very pleased with the flexible style of teaching and the one on one tutorials helped me re-gain my confidence quickly and taught me essential strategies for achieving higher scores for the exam. My initial mock scores went from 460 on the first run, to 580, with just 2 weeks of material being covered. would definitely recommend August Academy for anyone in any level of academic performance to up current scores – or even just work on basics.

Raviraj T:

Happens to be one of the best GRE coaching around. Very inspiring instructor. If you looking for personalized coaching and admission counseling, here`s one complete package for you..!!


This is a very good institution where we can get more score than what we expected. For average students I suggest this institute because each and every logic is clearly explained. I was the part of the GRE program and I scored good marks.. Thanks to Karthik for helping out.