We are Chennai's best test preparation center for the GRE, GMAT and SAT.

Chennai's best SAT preparation centre Chennai's best GRE coaching center. Chennai's best GMAT coaching center.

August Academy is a venture founded by an alumnus of IIT Madras and Stanford University in January 2013. Our mission to help US-bound students get good quality test preparation in Chennai.  We have since had outstanding results as you can see in our results page.

We have helped our students improve significantly on the GRE, GMAT and the SAT.  Our GRE students have shown an improvement of 15 – 20 points after attending our classroom program.  Our GMAT students have shown an improvement of about 100 – 150 points.  Our SAT students have shown an improvement of about 300 points over their actual SAT scores.

Today, August Academy is the best GRE, GMAT and SAT preparation center in Chennai.  Please go through our site for more details about our upcoming courses, and get in touch with us to see how you can get started.